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Terp Sous Vide

Terp Sous Vide - ABC (Always Be Creating) Baller Box

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Terp Sous Vide (TSV) ™️ - ABC (Always Be Creating) Baller Box 💼

A paint your own design customizable TSV for your Terp table!! This TSV comes in matte gray, perfect for adding your own design with provided acrylic paint markers. 

📍 Precise Dabbing Instrument 💎
🎯 Easy to use & Science approved 🔬😻👍
🔍 Searching for that perfect temp dab❓
🚀 #terpsousvide

The people spoke - and we listened! 🗣️ Bring your own creative skills to our newest TSV product - the TSV ABC. Comes complete with a set of acrylic paint markers, perfect for decking out your new device. 🎨

What could be better? How about the opportunity to enter our first ever TSV competition - paint on your design and enter to win an upgrade to a baller box for your customized TSV so you can bring it everywhere to provide tasty perfectly tempted dabs for all your friends (or even your enemies - we don’t judge, you do you - heck might make a few enemies into friends with this amazing device!!)

Contest entry rules available on IG @terp.sousvide under "TSV ABC Contest" -> contest closes March 31st, 2024 and a winner will be chosen by 4/20/2024.


Each TSV ABC 🔤 baller box order comes with:

1 - Unpainted TSV heating device - designed to work with you favorite functional glass art and quartz. Specifically to heat your banger or slurper to the perfect temp.

1 - Set of acrylic paint markers to deck out your new TSV 🎨

1 - Pipe Jack

1 - Non Slip Pad for underneath

1 - TSV moodmat for on top

1 - LE glow in the dark TSV carpet moodmat (only way to get this mat is by purchasing a baller box)

1 - XL wide quartz adapter

2 - pelisavers to keep you baller box clean (14mm and 10mm) 

1 - 10mm funnel for filling rigs with ease

All packed perfectly in a custom TSV hard case!

Baller Box fits: TSV, detachable cord, pipe jack, funnel. adapter, and enough pluckable space to fit an 1120 or 1150 pelican foam insert plus accessories.

No more cool down wait times, ⏳ no more burnt terps, 🔥 no more chazzed bangers, ✨ no more butane! ⛽

Welcome to the fam.

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