We're excited to bring you the Terp Sous Vide!

We know you have questions; we've got answers. Please read below to learn more and for answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Temperature guide

CBD Rosin or Live Resin

Size of CBD Dab

Optimal Temp Range – Terp Sous Vide

Temp your banger should reach within 3 mins of heat

Small – size of one grain of rice

800-840°F / 

560-600°F / 

Medium – size of a pea or two grains of rice

850-880°F / 

610-630°F / 

Large – more material than a medium CBD dab

890-920°F / 

640-670°F / 

  • What size is the TSV? 
 3" wide X 8" long X 11" tall

  • What's the difference between the baller box and the terp sous vide set?
The Terp Sous Vide set is the complete TSV machine (with pipe jack and mats) everything you'll need to heat your quartz. The Baller Box comes with all of that in a custom plucked hard case, perfect for travel! Also comes w/ some extra useful goodies to get you all set from square one. Check out the picture for all that is included with the baller box!

  • I purchased a unit on [DATE]; what's the exact date it will arrive? 
We want to get you that unit as soon as we can - but we also want to make sure we get it to you no later than when we say we will. At this time, we calculate that we will be able to get it to you in 1-3 weeks or less. 

  • Do you offer a warranty? 
YES! We stand by our product 100%, and have been testing some units for 3 years+ with no problems. They're built like a tank! If the heating element burns out or breaks, when used properly and for it's intended purposes, we will cover replacement or repair for 1-year from your date of purchase. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping cost. This limited warranty covers intended use only; If the device is dropped or water damaged, the limited warranty is void. 
  • My device has an issue and is beyond the warranty. Do I have to buy a whole new device?

No problem! We stand by our product, and offer an at-cost repair program for $125. We do not make any money on repairs, and we want to make sure you're back to perfect tempted dabs ASAP - simply message us on Instagram @terp.sousvide or send us an email to get a return + fix process started. We'll tell you more details about what our repair process entails, work with you to receive the $125 at-cost repair payment, and provide you with information on where to ship your device for repair. 

  • I live in [COUNTRY] - will the Terp Sous Vide work for me?
Yes, But at this time, the Terp Sous Vide device can only support being plugged into 110V single phase power. Works with proper adapter for international use. (NOW WE OFFER A 240V version as well)
  • What quartz is compatible with the TSV?

    Terp Sous Vide (TSV) works with all quartz bangers 30mm wide or smaller. Also works perfectly with Slurpers from Toro, Grass Lab, and Blais. Even works well with XXL super long slurpers. MAXIMUM WIDTH FOR QUARTZ = 30mm (No Charmers or Blenders) - Unless you have the XL wide quartz adapter - then can fit up to 42mm wide.