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  • What is dabbing?

    Dabbing, when done properly, is vaporizing extracts at the lowest possible temperature while still achieving fat clouds. The lower the temperature, the better the taste of the extract you are using, though you still need to use a high enough temperature to achieve vaporization.

  • Current State of Dabbing

    Prior to the development of the TSV, there were several methods employed to dab. The most common was the use of a butane torch, used to heat the dabbing element - the quartz banger - until it was hotter than necessary to vaporize the product. You would then wait for the banger to cool down to an appropriate temperature. This method of dabbing is imprecise at best; and puts unnecessary wear and tare on your quartz; this guess and check method is often either too hot or too cold, producing inconsistent and often subpar results, either ending in sacrificed concentrate product (too low of a temperature) or burning the product (too high of a temperature). 

  • Why the Terp Sous Vide?

    The Terp Sous Vide allows you to use your favorite dab rigs (the device that holds the banger and delivers the concentrate to you) with a precision heating instrument. The outcome? Perfect temp dabs every time, for maximum flavor and retention of those terps you love. Plus dramatically extending the life of your favorite quartz products! (Bangers and Slurpers) Please ensure you’ve read all of the safety instructions before moving onto the Quick Start Guide. You can also view our instructional video to get started on YouTube. Search “Terp Sous Vide” and you should find our videos!

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