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Terp Sous Vide

Terp Sous Vide - Limited Edition Green Complete Kit

Regular price $800.00 USD
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Terp Sous Vide (TSV) ™️

Limited Edition Green Only 25 total available!

📍 Precise Dabbing Instrument 💎
🎯 Easy to use & Science approved 🔬😻👍
🔍 Searching for that perfect temp dab❓
🚀 #terpsousvide

Each TSV order comes with:

1 - Limited Green 💚 TSV heating device - designed to work with your favorite functional glass art and quartz. Specifically to heat your banger or slurper to the perfect temp. (only 25 total available) and each one is numbered ✍️

1 - Pipe Jack

1 - Non Slip Pad for underneath

1 - TSV moodmat for on top

No more cool down times, no more burnt terps, no more chazzed bangers, no more butane! 

Welcome to the fam.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Baker
Amazing customer service

I accidentally ordered the wrong model, but with the help of the team it was super easy to get it sorted out they shipped very quickly