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Terp Sous Vide

Terp Sous Vide - Complete Kit

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Terp Sous Vide (TSV) ™️

📍 Precise Dabbing Instrument 💎
🎯 Easy to use & Science approved 🔬😻👍
🔍 Searching for that perfect temp dab❓
🚀 #terpsousvide

Each TSV order comes with:

1 - TSV heating device - designed to work with your favorite functional glass art and quartz. Specifically to heat your banger or slurper to the perfect temp.

1 - Pipe Jack

1 - Non Slip Pad for underneath

1 - TSV moodmat for on top

No more cool down times, no more burnt terps, no more chazzed bangers, no more butane! 

Welcome to the fam.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Mike Dabbles
Really happy with it

Been after a TSV for a while and super stoked to finally have one! Have mostly larger dish styles slurpers and towers and this works great with anything with a 35mm dish or smaller. 40mm is a little big and blocks too much airflow. Low fan setting is key to success. Glad to no longer have a fire hazard and it's tsa compliant so I can take it when I travel!

Efren Sandoval-Davila
New to this but true to this.

I really appreciate a well driven product with the best application for our future. The TSV Team has helped me understand what function and big clouds mean. Tasting terps all over the world with this product.

Matt king
Butane is gone

Such a wonderful product to have I can’t thank everyone who helps on making these beautiful machines ,perfect rips for your head ❤️

Consistent perfect function

I've always tried to be as dialed in as possible when it comes to chasing the perfect dab. Even after a decade of dabbing and doing everything possible to serve up perfect dabs, I would still find myself unevenly heating quartz and getting less than perfect dabs on some hash that deserved much better. This device has changed my life as far as getting perfect dabs every time. With the push of a button. Easy 5 stars, thanks again guys!!

Carl H.
Terp Sous Vide is a simple and necessary piece to complete any collection

My torches have gone silent, and have blasted quartz no more. As anyone would, I debated the ROI for the unit and have immediately been corrected for my debates. What a wonderful investment, customer service is incendiary, function and application is superior, thank you Team TSV!