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Terp Sous Vide

Terp Sous Vide - Complete Kit

Regular price $700.00 USD
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Terp Sous Vide (TSV) ™️

📍 Precise Dabbing Instrument 💎
🎯 Easy to use & Science approved 🔬😻👍
🔍 Searching for that perfect temp dab❓
🚀 #terpsousvide

Each TSV order comes with:

1 - TSV heating device - designed to work with your favorite functional glass art and quartz. Specifically to heat your banger or slurper to the perfect temp.

1 - Pipe Jack

1 - Non Slip Pad for underneath

1 - TSV moodmat for on top

No more cool down times, no more burnt terps, no more chazzed bangers, no more butane! 

Welcome to the fam.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph drimmer
New standard for hash lovers

Easily the best accessory purchase you can make for dabbing, whether it's daily use or occasional. Even heat, non-abrasive to your quartz, and nothing but perfect dab after perfect dab. Great investment for any hash lover. Also great team and customer service, Bill is always the most helpful and positive energy 👍🏼

Your life needs this upgrade

Your life needs this upgrade. You will be very happy and won’t even look back. Join the TSV community

Buyer Beware.

According to TSV these only have an expected lifespan of about 2 years. That sounds like some information that should be disclosed at the time of purchase… not 16 months down the road just after warranty expires lol. Granted they are offering a $125 at cost repair , I don’t feel that is right. Had I known about their short lifespan I would have opted for another type of heater. Do your research as not everything is disclosed 🤷‍♂️. Fool me once shame on me , don’t think I should give these guys more money when the whole selling point is “you’ll never need a torch again. “ apparently there’s fine print in there we didn’t see 😂. To the shelf of shame it goes , right next to the Dabrite pro Very flimsy build. Was working fine for some time but after a quartz banger made contact on its way out after being heated , unit stopped working. Makes ton of noise still … just no heat.

Hey there - sorry to hear about your issues! Like all hardware that is heavily used, the TSV will not last forever. They’re little tanks when used correctly, but like most mechanical items, they have a shelf life. That said, we stand by our device by offering the full 1 year warranty (any issues handled with you only paying 1-way shipping) and the $125 at cost repair fee to ensure you can get any fix you need even years down the road. Our warranty, repair process, and at-cost repair fee are and have always been disclosed in the FAQ section of our website.

The TSV offers the most evenly heated, perfect temped dabs of any device on the market, and while we can’t guarantee the device will last forever, we can continue to offer great customer service and at cost repairs to keep ya’ll in perfect temped dabs for years to come.


The set is amazing! No matter how big your rig is or what temperature you prefer, the TerpSousVide not only always ensures the best temperature, no, it also heats the quartz evenly, which always ensures perfect dabs and your headies last longer. I can only recommend everyone to buy this💯

So we delete reviews now?

Left a review on how bad the product is and we openly delete the customers opinion now? Of course per usual a group of scumbags who can’t take their work for what it’s worth… CRAP. WAY TOO LOUD and way to expensive. D bail will send you all bankrupt and I can’t wait. Espeacially bill. Biggest piece of shit out of all them. Fuck TSV you jerk offs.

We only delete unverified reviews - This is because oftentimes those are from people who do not have a TSV. ... I'm sorry if you had a bad experience, we truly want to make dabbing better for everyone. If you are truly a customer please reach out under the email you purchased with and we can help you with a return or exchange..We are happy to help and we love our community. Just plz don't be nasty !!! Thank you, Bill