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Terp Sous Vide

WATERBOYZ LIMITED EDITION Terp Sous Vide - only 25 available - Complete Kit

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Waterboyz Limited Edition Terp Sous Vide (TSV) ™️ (only 25 available)

📍 Precise Dabbing Instrument 💎
🎯 Easy to use & Science approved 🔬😻👍
🔍 Searching for that perfect temp dab❓
🚀 #terpsousvide

This limited drop of only (25) total Waterboyz branded @terp.sousvide brings your favorite characters to life alongside your favorite torchless heating device! 

Each Waterboyz special edition TSV order comes with:

1 - Numbered TSV heating device with your favorite characters from Terp Wars - @TheWaterboyzz710, @thewater710, @lt_kali_209 designs on both sides - designed to work with your favorite functional glass art and quartz. Specifically to heat your banger or slurper to the perfect temp. 

1 - Pipe Jack

1 - Non Slip Pad for underneath

1 - TSV moodmat for on top

No more cool down times, no more burnt terps, no more chazzed bangers, no more butane! 

Welcome to the fam.


As of 4/1/24 the remaining inventory has been signed by Lt Kali!!!


So if you buy one after this date. You're getting extra hooked up!!!

Customer Reviews

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First off I want to say the TSV will literally change your whole dabbing experience for the best
everything Bill & the team preaches online is not some comercial to get you buy their product it’s literally what you’re going to experience, no chazzed bangers, perfectly temp dabs without an issue , take dabs back to back, no hassle during your sessions I assure you every time you go in for a dab and turn your unit on you will have a smile across your face just like I do. Bill & the gang definitely make you feel welcomed and drop knowledge on you in such a stoner friendly manner it’s always an amazing experience dealing with those guys 🤌🏼 do your self a got damn favor and order a TSV unit especially Thewaterboyz710 collab which is the one I purchased. Stay strong, live long 💭🔥