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XL (wide) Quartz Adapter

Regular price $125.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $125.00 USD

increases the maximum acceptable quartz size width from 30mm to 42mm

Slides right on top of your TSV heat tube 😸♨️

Purposefully only has 4 pins of contact point so it rests secure and has minimal heat transfer

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kody Stone
Absolutely mandatory even if unnecessary.

Sure not every nail needs this but having this allows so much more ease of use, plus makes the TSV more viable with all types of nails. Some nails may not be too thick to fit in the normal opening but may actually be way too long so this solves that issue too!

David Thayer
360 heat

Best way to ensure an accurate dab is with 360 even heating. Tsv does it.

Sheik Mastan
Good and bad

The Tsv is wonderful for dabs that I can’t deny, something that’s offsetting though is that I felt like we were almost lead to believe this is a new product, but it’s a wagner heat gun torn apart and put into a new shell and a jack, surely that doesn’t justify a 700$ markup. The thing that’s more unsettling is right after I got mine a new better product was released for cheaper. The new product makes absolutely 0 noise and uses less power , and is cheaper, effectively being better in every way. The new product is technology which is used for sanitizing medical tools, and they are open about it, which is better than tearing apart something and rebranding it This is a great product, but in my opinion is being sold for way too much money and that’s coming from someone who purchased it. I’ll be surprised if they keep this review up but my advice is do your research don’t be like me. You can find a better product for significantly cheaper .Wish I didn’t buy it and bought the other one because I can’t justify buying both, but i’m not happy with my TSV any longer knowing all of this.

Alfred Stone
As expected

once I figured out that it set on top of the other tube I was fine. Works great with 30mm bangers.

Mike Forest
game changing

I love this add on, it makes my heat so even!